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About HostCut

Hostcut.com is all in one best solutions for hosting directory, comparison and review site. Every person who writes on HostCut is either a web hosting expert or an experienced customer.

The HostCut community will help you find quality hosting services, companies you can trust, better deals, discount coupons and more. Whether you’re an experienced customer or just getting started with website hosting – start with HostCut.

Our Review Process

HostCut is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive, real-world reviews, and this is how we achieve that.

We Choose a Web Host

In the first step, we go through a search engine to find a web hosting company. From there, we assess their agreement terms/contracts to isolate any unethical practices or hidden costs that consumers should be mindful of.

We check:

  • Website user-friendliness
  • Available services
  • Listed pricing (Also hidden fees)
  • Terms & conditions
  • Available support methods
  • Shady promotional terminology (such as “0% downtime” or “no limit bandwidths” – both of which are not feasible!).

If everything looks standard in the first look, we select them for review.

We Sign Up & Pay For Hosting:

We always purchase hosting that we review. We track some factors in this step.
We check:

  • Unexpected costs, undisclosed conditions, or shady clauses.
  • Methods of payment (PayPal, credit card, and the like).
  • Simplicity of signup
  • Upsell options (and if they’re worth paying for).

We Evaluate Control Panel:

Not all hosting providers offer you immediate access. Account activation by some hosts might take days, and some of them might want you to provide identification!

Once we have signed up, we assess the host’s control panel (Plesk, cPanel, and the like) to determine how simple it is to perform basic tasks (for instance, are the dashboards beginner-friendly?).

Last but not least, we get a basic website online after WordPress is installed.

We assess the following:

  • Control panel’s simplicity/complexity.
  • Activation ease and duration.
  • Simplicity of installing WordPress.
  • User-friendliness of control panel(Email setup, File manager, DNS zone, Domain configuration etc.)
  • Auto script-installer (If any)

We Setup a Website and Monitor Performance (Speed and Uptime):

After getting access to hosting, we setup a default WordPress website. Once the website is up and running, we track the website speed and uptime. We use GTmetrix.com or Pingdom to calculate the real-time page load speed and up-time. This also allows us to see how quick the site loads on specific devices, as well as in certain locations.

No one wants to visit a site that takes forever to load. If that’s the case then you might as well not have a site at all!

We track the following:

  • Downtime frequency (How often does the site go down?).
  • Page loading time.

We Evaluate Customer Support:

A good or bad web host is determined with their support quality. A hosting company with bad support staff can ruin your business forever. You must be sure that support can help you if anything goes wrong. We check some support factors in this steps. Basically, we ask some basic questions to their live chat (A beginner may ask these types of questions). We try to connect them via other available support options (tickets, phone or emails)

We evaluate:

  • Support availability (email, phone calls, and the like)
  • Support response time
  • Available support channels
  • Staff quality (Communication, Friendliness, Technical)
  • Solution accuracy

Final Evaluation:

In the final step, we evaluate a hosting company based on 6 factors where every factor is rated out of 10

  • Uptime (Rated out of 10)
  • Speed (Rated out of 10)
  • Features (Rated out of 10)
  • Price (Rated out of 10)
  • Support (Rated out of 10)
  • Security (Rated out of 10)

We list each of these factors separately, giving you a clear understanding of where the company is strong and where it needs to improve. We place an overall score based on the average rating of these factors.

Feel free to go through our reviews to find out what rating we gave each host. You can get more information about the aspects that matter to you in each review!

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